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Traveling Tails Dog Rescue is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. We survive to save animals based on the donations given to the rescue. All of the board, and members that maintain and work to help TTDR are volunteers. Please consider donating directly or through one of our fundraisers below.


Available in the following colors:

  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Seafoam
  • Northwoods Green (Pictured)
Limited Time


See how your gift-giving can give back to TTDR with some special limited opportunity fundraisers.

Yeti Mugs $50/each

Wine Glasses $15/each

Whiskey Glasses $15/each

All items will have a shipping charge based on how many are ordered.

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Mugs are available until sold out. Each mug is an authentic Yeti Rambler. The cost per mug is $50.00/each plus $10.00 shipping per mug via USPS.

Payments are made to TTDR through either Venmo or PayPal. Please fill out the order form with your selection prior to making payment. Once received you will receive confirmation of availability and payment can be sent. Limited numbers of each color are available. If the email option in the form does not work please email it as an attachment to


A portion of every item sold goes to TTDR.

Please follow these steps to place a bandana order.

  • Please download our order form below for any Bandana orders.
  • Fill out the order form and select save.
  • Bandana orders should be emailed to as an attachment.

All items are delivered within 5-7 days of being ordered. Payment can be made via PayPal.

Payments are made to the supplier and the donation is made back to TTDR.

BANDANAS are $12.00 U.S. which include standard shipping ($4.00 is given to TTDR)




How are donations used?

Rescuing Animals

Every animal needs help and the transportation and import fees are part of where your donation goes. TTDR shares expenses with overseas partners and always gives back.

Care & Love

We help with all the foster expenses, from leashes, food, and medical care such as preventatives. Your donations help each animal be in the best shape for adoption.

Spay & Neuter

As a responsible rescue, we always make sure every dog is spayed or neutered prior to adoption. These medical costs can add up for each animal and your donations help.

Finding A Home

Many times we have to move animals around, find new fosters and have special care needs. Your donations help with all of these expenses that happen to get our dogs into loving homes.

Traveling Tails Dog Rescue is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.