Happy Tails

When you adopt with Traveling Tails Dog Rescue you join a family of people that share your love of animals and the love that comes from adding a rescue into your family. If you have a story of your animal you want to share please email us at rescue@ttdr.org


Here are our happy tails…

Shujaa from Jordan

Shujaa (now Mason) is a 2-year-old Saluki mix who was found on the streets of Jordan with a front leg injury. He had been walking on three legs for a long time when he was found. Unfortunately, his injured leg healed wrong and was beyond repair. It had to be amputated. He spent months at Al-Rahmeh for Animals. He was accepted to our rescue in April of 2019. He was fostered a short time and then was adopted by a wonderful woman living in downtown Chicago. He went from being an injured dog, fending for his life on the streets of Jordan to be being spoiled by his mom on the Gold Coast of Chicago. We are overjoyed by his Happy Tale!

Oscar from Qatar

Oscar is 2 year old Saluki mix who endured a most horrendous act of animal cruelty. He was found in the streets of Qatar severely abused. His front leg had to be fully amputated, as a result of someone burning and cutting half of it off, leaving the rest to rot. He also lost a canine tooth. He was rescued and cared for by Barkin Q Rescue. Despite all of this, he is still a loving, caring character who has a heart for humans. In April of 2019, he found a family in the vicinity of Las Vegas, who was able to restore his faith in humanity. He will live the remainder of his life, living the dream with his loving family. What an amazing transformation and a Happy Tale indeed!

Mac from Qatar

Mac is a 4-year-old ex-racing Saluki who was found in terrible shape by our rescue partner BarkinQ. He was badly abused, as many ex-racing Salukis are when they are no longer wanted. He arrived at our rescue in October 2019 and was adopted by an amazing family in the Chicago suburbs. His transformation is amazing. This picture below was taken by his loving adopter and she added the text as well. Mac’s face of forgiveness is so powerful! This is why we do what we do! Please check out the photos and see the transformation. It’s a beautiful sight.

Kobe from Saudi Arabia

Kobe now Cody is a 1.5-year-old Canaan mix who was found in a terrible state by our rescue partner Maha from Saudi Arabia. Cody had his leg tied by a snare wire, had two toenails ripped out and his ear cut off by some incredibly cruel people. Despite these atrocities, Cody is by far one of the sweetest, most loving dogs you could ever meet. He arrived to our rescue in January of 2020 and was adopted by a family near Washington, DC. By no fault of his own, due to a change in family circumstances, Cody was recently surrendered back to us and rehomed to another incredible family in the DC area. Cody now has a huge yard and doggie friends to play with. He’s settling in nicely and is still the sweetest boy ever! 

Tilly from Qatar

Tilly is a 5-year-old German Spitz mix who traveled from Qatar to the Windy City of Chicago during the global pandemic. When she was surrendered to her foster mom her appearance was incredibly neglected – overweight, curled nails, matter fur. Her foster mom cleaned her up and spent a few months with her before she came to the US. Tilly had to be lured into the car with a treat when she first got off her long flight. At first, she was extremely defensive & didn’t trust anyone except for one of her moms. As she has grown more comfortable she has learned to trust & love her other mom. She co-exists with her Pomeranian brother & kitty sister and even lets strangers pet her. Tilly has turned into the most loving, cuddly, sweetheart. Tilly is incredibly happy in her new home! 

Hope from Jordan

Hope now Copper is a 2.5-year-old Canaan dog mix who was hit by a car and badly injured as a puppy. Copper was rescued by our partner Al Rahmeh for Animals in Jordan and was rushed to a vet. He had multiple broken limbs which required surgery. His front leg was so badly damaged it was necessary to insert rods. Copper fully recovered and was accepted to our rescue in September of 2019. His family resides in downtown Chicago. Copper was a very shy and timid dog. His family worked with him patiently and gave him time to settle in. Now Copper is a well-adjusted pup who loves his walks and hanging out with his family. He has come such a long way and is an incredible boy. His story is truly inspiring!

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