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We have fosters from all over the country. Our primary zones are:

  • Chicago
  • Virginia/DC Area
  • Tennessee

However, anywhere in the country, if you are looking to foster or foster to adopt we are happy to consider you. We need the support of our fosters to save all of the animals.

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Help us with transport, fundraisers, and more. We can always use a few more hands to help out these wonderful animals.

A little bit of your time can go a long way in helping the animals of Traveling Tails.

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Every little bit helps to bring dogs into the U.S. for adoption and off the streets. Sign up for a donation amount or with a monthly contribution.

We accept donations via the following options:

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    • Southern TTDR Office PO Box 199, Altamont TN 37301
  • PayPal
  • Venmo

If you would like to donate via check or Venmo please email us.

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Social media is one of the main ways we get information out there about our animals looking for homes. Follow us on one of the social media channels and share our posts to get more interest in helping these animals.

I began fostering after my first rescue passed away after 8 wonderful years together. When I first got Pickles – an ornery 14-year-old Chorkie, I was told he came from a home where he was abused and I was warned he was quite temperamental, but I knew he was meant to come home with me, so I took him to my car despite being cautioned. When I put him in my passenger seat, we sat there for a bit just looking at each other; After a while, he apparently decided I was O.K. because hopped on my lap, fell asleep and we never looked back. That little furball was there waiting with a toothless smile when I came home after every deployment, every heartbreak, and was always ready for every new adventure.

After Pickles passed away, I was devastated and wasn’t ready to let go. Shortly after, a local shelter posted a photo of a recently dumped senior dog that looked identical to Pickles. I left work in the middle of the day and drove straight to the shelter. I told them I wasn’t ready to adopt but I couldn’t leave this dog, Mickey, in that concrete cage, I offered to foster him. I went to the shelter every day to visit him until they could finally release him and his bonded buddy to my care. Mickey is now in his forever home with a family that loves him and fostering gave me the closure I needed when I lost Pickles.


Fostering saves two lives: the dog who is being fostered and the dog who is able to take the open space in the shelter. I foster because I believe in second chances. Despite the difficult situations many rescues often come from, a dogs’ love and forgiveness is an incredible thing to behold. My partner, Joe and I, have four rescues of our own, of varying personalities, temperaments and backgrounds and we have learned so much from them. To sum it up, I’ll share one of my favorite quotes: “dogs may not be our whole world, but they make our world whole.”

-Veronika Lopez

Traveling Tails Dog Rescue is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.